Posterior Chain and Hip Circle Bands

Hip circle bands are a great, and often needed, tool to achieve glute activation. A strong posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back) leads directly to a more explosive athlete. Females looking to enhance their backside can use hip circle bands in a variety of exercises too!


This is an area of the body I have loved since before I can remember. Because let’s be real, my anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hon.

Any athlete looking to become more explosive, jump higher and run faster should place a ton of importance on their posterior chain. The glutes should be viewed as the primary workhorse for virtually every sport (sprinting, jumping, changing directions, hitting a baseball, etc). Hamstrings contribute greatly to sprinting and act as a counter balance when your body needs to decelerate, change directions and land from a jump. Failure to strengthen your posterior chain will result in you being slower, lacking power and be at a higher risk of pulling a muscle.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at every elite sprinters posterior chain!


Many gym goers and young athletes tend to focus on the front side of the body or as I like to call them “show muscles” because these are the muscles they see in the mirror. You will often see people with a developed chest, shoulders, arms and quads with very weak or underdeveloped back, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

This unbalance of the body will eventually lead to injuries for everyone but athletes should be very wary. Sports such as basketball and soccer require top notch bio-mechanics and this is compromised with any imbalance of the bodies musculature. Always place balance and flexibility over moving sheer weight when it comes to athletes to avoid injuries.


Hip circle bands are not required at all to build a strong posterior chain. However, I have noticed with training younger athletes that they have a difficult time activating their glutes and hips. Hip circle bands are a great tool that can be used to help them achieve this very important mind to muscle connection every athlete should possess.

hip circle bands

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The Hip Circle can be used for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm up. You will not only get your hips and glutes warm, but your entire body. You can fix up your weak and painful “granny hips” by putting on the circle and walking forward, backward, and side to side. Are you looking for a new booty band or resistance band to increase the difficulty in your glute workouts? The Hip Circle is exactly what you need!

  • Level 2 elastic ideal for activating lower body muscles
  • Great warm up for glute activation for any lower body movement
  • Cues athletes to force knees out while squatting and sumo deadlifting
  • Ideal for any level athlete
  • Great for lower body accessory movements
  • Durable band will not snap during use like traditional bands
  • Will not roll up on itself during use
  • Warm up for glute activation for any lower body movement
  • Cues athletes to force knees out while squatting and deadlifting

Designed to remove the need for dynamic stretching with a painful band around your legs. The Hip Circle comfortably stays around your legs without digging in. (From Amazon)

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hip circle bandsOur RIMSports Resistance Hip Bands are used daily by both athletes and coaches at all levels to improve performance and mobility! Simply put the reactive mark bell hip band around your knees and take it for a long-stride jaunt. Not only will your hips and glutes get warm, but your entire body will feel the workout. By wearing the hip band circle, help yourself by walking forward, backward, and side-to-side. It’s simple to use when you squat, perform a sumo deadlift, or simply walk the treadmill. While other hip resistance band claim to stop your skin from pulling, you’ll want to fact check that because to date, our RIMSports Hip Band is the only one that delivers results plus uses no-slip technology. (From Amazon)

hip circle bands

Use your hip flex before your workout as a warm up to activate your muscles, during your workout to help maintain form and provide resistance, strengthening, and toning, or after your workout for recovery and stretching. The hip flex is the tool you need to BOOST your workout performance. CHALLENGE yourself and hit your fitness goals FASTER. TARGET those muscle groups, build STRENGTH, and watch your body TRANSFORM. (From Amazon)


Whether your an athlete looking to go to the next level or just trying to fill out those apple bottom jeans, you need to work on your posterior chain! These hip circles are to be used as a tool to take your training up a notch. You can click here to view my free workout plans, nutrition advice and supplement guides!

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