Flexible Dieting Guide

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Flexible Dieting Guide


If you’re anything like me when you hear the word “diet”, you automatically think of chicken, rice and broccoli. Eating these “healthy” foods is great but if it’s something you don’t enjoy, then it’s something you won’t stick to. Obtaining your goals and getting results is a combination of exercise AND your diet.  They go hand in hand. I have tried so many diets in the past and they all failed me because I was simply miserable. I enjoy food and I really enjoy desserts, if this sounds like you, keep reading because you’re in luck.


First, let’s understand the body and what calories really are (they’re not evil). Our bodies use calories for energy in order to maintain life. Everyone has a different amount of calories they should intake daily in order to maintain their current weight. Once we find that number, we can begin tracking our calories and take control of our bodies. If your goal is to add weight, you simply eat more calories than your body requires to maintain. If your goal is to lose weight, you simply eat fewer calories than your body requires. So in a sense, getting the body you want is nothing more than science and math, not magic.




Using this link, we can enter our data (sex, age, height, weight, exercise level) and figure out just how many calories it takes us to maintain and lose weight. Now that we know our caloric goals, we have a lot of different options we can follow when it comes to dieting. Or I’ll just inform you of the most practical one that will actually work.


I use a system known as IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). Macros are your proteins, carbohydrates and fats. 1 Gram of protein and 1 Gram of a carbohydrate equals 4 calories. 1 Gram of fat equals 7 calories. Are you getting scared now that there is math involved? Don’t. We are going to make this as simple as possible. I want you to get at least half of your current body weight in grams of protein. If you weigh 150 lbs., I want you to eat at least 75 grams of protein a day. The rest of your calories can come from whatever you want! Easy enough?


This basically means you can eat 75 grams of protein and then fill the rest of your calories with ICE CREAM or DOUGHNUTS. Doing this, you will still lose weight but most importantly drop body fat. I could care less about how much you weigh and you shouldn’t care either. Our focus is to completely change our body composition. Muscle weighs more than fat, therefore, our weights may not go down as dramatically as we may want but our body composition will greatly change for the better.


There is however a downside to filling the rest of your calories with junk food. As we all know, junk food is very caloric for the small amount you actually eat. This causes problems because we end up eating less volume. I personally enjoy volume when it comes to eating. My fix for this problem is simply eating mostly “healthy” foods and indulging in whatever I please. The goal is to get some quality proteins from chicken, fish, steak, whey protein and carbs from vegetables. If you’re someone that often finds themselves hungry, vegetables are a great way to get the volume your stomach wants and keep the calories under control the way you want.


If you possess a smart phone, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you download the app “myfitnesspal”. This app allows you to enter everything you eat in order to keep track of your calories. I promise it will make everything a million times easier.



Don’t drink your calories (especially sodas, diet is fine).

Track. Your. Calories.

Don’t get discouraged if you happen to go over your limit, we are human.

Keep your goals in mind.


“Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.”

(Except cheesecake brownies)