Karl-Anthony Towns Talks Insane Diet

Karl-Anthony Towns talks insane diet with J.J. Redick. In a recent podcast, he sat down with former University of Kentucky big man Karl-Anthony Towns. KAT revealed his crazy diet during their wide-ranging conversation.

Towns’ actually starts his day with one breakfast before training/practice and another afterwards. The first consists of 5 chocolate chip pancakes, 3 cups of fruit and 24 ounces of water. The second is the same except he goes a bit lighter on the fruit (1.5 cups). When asked  about his breakfast choices he responded, “I like pancakes. I love pancakes.” KAT also went on to say he prefers chocolate chip because he is “a man of the people”.

Lunch and dinner also mirror each other. Chicken breast (6-9 ounces), 4 cups of rice and 4 cups of vegetables. This sounds very bland but Karl-Anthony Towns emphasized “your body is a Ferrari, you gotta fill it with good gas, premium gas. I’m not going 87 with it.” He also further elaborated “I gotta take care of my body. I gotta understand how it feels and how to attack it and make it feel better.”

Using MyFitnessPal, I was able to calculate a rough estimate of his daily calorie and macro nutrient intake. Assuming 9 ounces of chicken per meal.

Calories – 5000

Protein – 250g

Carbohydrates – 820g

Fats – 75g

Karl-Anthony Towns is currently listed at 7 foot tall and 247 lbs. His body has made drastic changes from high school, to college and now as an emerging NBA super star. This has been made possible to his consistent effort on working out along with his insane diet. Understanding the importance of fueling his body with enough energy is crucial to the on court success he experiences.

Keep eating, Karl!

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