Must Have Supplements For A Basketball Player

Basketball is a physically demanding sport and my knees will certainly agree. It causes a ton of wear and tear on the body so it’s important to do everything you can to stay healthy. This includes lifting, stretching, proper nutrition and even supplementation. The must have supplements for a basketball player will be listed below!


Creatine monohydrate is a very well-studied supplement. Creatine is created naturally within the human body but we are deficient. It is a safe and effective method to enhance your performance on the court. At 5 grams a day, it’s simple to take and is a must have for any athlete looking to increase their power output. It’s worth taking if your sport involves sprinting or strength training. Creatine metabolizes in the body to creatine phosphate which is used by the muscles as a form of energy. It speeds up recovery between sets on a work out as well as speeds up overall recovery time. You can check out the cheapest prices for creatine on Amazon.

Bottom Line

Imagine going to the gym and adding 5 lbs. to all your lifts and/or squeezing out 1 or 2 more reps on each set. Also, recovering and being ready to go again maybe 20 seconds sooner, between each set. This allows you to get more volume in outside of the court, thus making you a better overall athlete! It’s easy to see why this is a must have supplement for a basketball player! Click here if you have more questions regarding creatine (

Fish Oil

Fish oil has many benefits, particularly when the ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 (fatty acids in the body) is around 1:1. The average diet consists of a lot of red meat, eggs, etc. (foods high in omega-6) so fish oil is recommended to reach that desired balance. You can read more about all of the benefits by clicking here but we want to focus on one. As basketball players, we are constantly fighting off inflammation of the muscles and joints in our body. Fish oil does a great job of helping your body fix these ailments and allowing you to get back on the court at 100%!

Bottom Line

I have rolled my ankles more times than I can count (it’s kinda my thing). Sometimes bad enough to where I have needed crutches for a week or two. This common basketball injury will leave your ankle feeling sore and stiff for weeks and possibly months afterwards. The use of fish oil allows you to heal so much quicker. It has been proven by studies and I can’t speak more highly of it from my own personal use. Not getting proper healing to the ankle will eventually lead to knee problems and then hip problems. The body is a kinetic chain so it’s important to help the ankles heal properly and fish oil helps with that.

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