Overcoming Perfectionism

Perfection is my kryptonite. The fear of failure has always been present in everything I have ever done. That fear doesn’t scare me, it motivating. I love when my back is against the wall because it usually forces the best version of myself to come out. I find a lot of success in the projects I take on but it’s the projects that never resonate that haunt me. The activities and goals I never start because I don’t think it will pan out the way I envision it. Overcoming perfectionism has always been a struggle for me.

I’ve read thousands and thousands of stories about entrepreneurs failing over and over again. I’ve always taken great precautions before I engage myself to anything or anyone. This approach may have very well kept me safe in some instances but it definitely stunted my growth as a person. My relationships, business and overall outlook on life has suffered.

Stop letting perfection become procrastination. Nothing you ever do in life will be perfect. You will always sit back, reflecting on small details and pick apart every little thing you did wrong or could have done better. Crave progress over perfection. Start today, make mistakes and grow from it. My motto on the basketball court has always been “shooters shoot” and it’s time I allow that phrase to expand to every facet of my life.

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