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The following workout programs have been used successfully by myself and my clients. I am currently using the push/pull/legs split but this is definitely the more advanced method listed.

workout program full body

Full Body Split – 3x/week

Pros: Good for people who can’t workout more than a few days a week.

Cons: Full-body workouts take time. Expect to be in the gym 60-90 minutes (including warm-up & cool down).

workout program upper lower split

Upper/Lower Split – 4x/week

Pros: Workouts are shorter than full-body and allow you to focus more intensely on the target muscles.

Cons: Workouts will still take upwards of an hour to complete.

workout program push pull legs

Leg/Push/Pull Split – 5-6x/week

Pros: Shortest workout times, can be completed in under 45 minutes if rest times are kept to a minimum.

Cons: More days in the gym each week. Can be hard to lift with intensity 6 days straight while in a caloric deficit. This probably is not the best method for something trying to lose body fat, but is great for building muscle when recovery is not hampered by caloric deficit.

AT HOME (Option)

Warm-up: 5-10 minutes of walking/jogging or stretching.

(We are just trying to get the blood pumping into the muscles at this point!)

These workouts will be HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), so we will need a stopwatch or a clock. We will perform an exercise for 30 seconds as hard as we can, and then rest for 30 seconds before moving to the next exercise as we repeat this pattern. This program will consist of 6 exercises/movements.


  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Pause Squats
  • Superman
  • Lunges
  • Plank


Jumping Jacks are self-explanatory. We want to go as quickly as possible WHILE maintaining GOOD FORM. Form is key for everything, no matter the exercise!

Push-ups can be a very difficult exercise for beginners. I will always ask someone to do girl push ups before I let them do half reps or terrible form on a regular push up. So, I will ask you to do girl push ups or do them against a wall or counter. Remember, form is everything. We want to go all the way down to where our nose is basically to the ground and all the way back up to fully squeeze and contract the muscles.

Pause Squats are great for the booty! We are taking a normal body weight squat, and adding a 1-2 second pause at the very bottom of the movement. If you do not have the balance for this yet, you can hang on to a wall or chair as you squat down. Get into a deep squat position, hold, and explode back up!

Superman is something you may have never performed. I suggest looking up a video to help explain this exercise. It’s difficult to hit the back muscles without equipment but this is one of the few exercises we can utilize to fill that need!

Lunges suck but behind squats, are the best leg exercise there is. We will lunge out with one foot, step back, lunge with the other, and repeat.

Planks work our entire core and mid section. This exercise is very under utilized because people just don’t like doing them. While planking, keep your butt down and back straight while squeezing and keeping the core tight. Once you fatigue, you can continue the plank from your knees and elbows with the same principles, butt down and back straight!

Once we finish all of these exercises, we will rest for one minute! This completes 1 round. So as you can see, I’m giving you a program you can gauge and increase the difficulty any time you please. I would start out doing 2-3 rounds for the first week or two and increase the amount of rounds as your progress. Also, we can change the ratio of work and rest. An advanced person would work 45, rest 15, work 45, rest 15, etc. each round. Good luck!!!

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